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Why Dove Drum Rental?

My first goal is to provide the young percussionist with the quality instruments needed to motivate students to practice and gain more knowledge.   It has always been puzzling to me that in 5th grade, other music students get a brand new clarinet or trumpet and we (the drummers) get a practice pad (snare kit) and a bell set.  What we really want is a DRUM SET and it's just what we need to discover the rock star in ourselves. I would much rather practice and listen to Marimba than a bell set.  Marimba has a warm, rich, mellow tone that is inviting, so you will enjoy practicing and learn faster. 


If you’re a more serious and advanced player who is auditioning for All County or All State Band/Orchestra or even college auditions, you may want to rent a set of Pedal Timpani or an Accessory Pack.  The Pack consists of Zildjian Constantinople Crash Cymbals, Black Swamp Tambourine, Black Swamp Triangle with clip, Vic Firth Rolling Bass Drum Beaters and a carpeted trap table with stand.


And if you’re home on summer break from college and would like to maintain your Mallet and Timpani chops, now you can.

About Barry Dove

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Barry Dove has been collecting instruments since 1974. As a professional percussionist, he has traveled all over the world: throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, China, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Japan and Russia.  As well as his work as a percussionist, Barry also teaches and is an instrument supplier to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, U.S. Marine Band, U.S. Army Band, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, PA Philharmonic, Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, Hopkins Symphony Orchestra, Mid-Atlantic Symphony, Lyric Opera House, Baltimore Chamber Jazz Society, Baltimore Museum of Art, Peabody Institute of Music, Towson University, Sheppard University, University of Baltimore, Hippodrome, National Theater, Shakespeare Theater, Signature Theater, and countless independents.   We look forward to serving your needs.

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